Written for 9-13 year olds, follows a group of kids who come up with quirky and funny ways to deal with a



Thirteen year old Tom wants to audition for the school musical Batjack but he has a problem …

A Big One

Dylan, the school bully, and Tom’s arch enemy wants the same part.

When Tom is cast as the main character and Dylan is his understudy the battle begins – fights, verbal abuse, vandalism, theft … You name it, it happens.

How will Tom and his friends deal with the bullying? What is Dylan’s secret? Can they reach a compromise and manage to co-habit on the same planet let alone the same stage?

Comprehensive Teachers’ Resource Kit available which covers Levels 3 and 4 of The New Zealand Curriculum in the areas of Oral Language, Reading, Written Language, Visual language, Health, social Studies, Art and Technology. Free download from Teachers Resources – also available to parents