Biography Services

by Ann Neville

Professional biography services for friends and family
The best gift you could ever give to your family.

Why tell your life story?

It is your gift to your descendants. When your family reads your story, they will feel like you are in the room with them. So will their children, their grandchildren and all your future descendants.

Every one of them will feel as if they know you. And you will get to give them the benefit of your thoughts and experiences, beliefs, values, attitudes, logic, humour and personality.

It is a unique experience.
  • Your life is important and deserves to be shared and remembered.
  • You will enjoy telling and reliving your unique story.
  • It is a good investment in your family.
  • Do you know stories about your parents lives or your grandparents lives?
  • Those stories would be so interesting.
  • Your descendants will be equally interested in your life story and be thankful you recorded it.
Why ask Ann Neville to write your life story?

Writing is a time consuming task and Ann is an experienced writer of biographies. Apart from biographies, she also writes life stories on a voluntary basis for Hospice, and both fiction and non-fiction books.

Everything you tell Ann is totally confidential. You have the final say as to what is included. Your story will be presented in a professional and stylish way. Only one copy is provided. However, you can purchase further copies if you would like them.

What is involved in the process?

Typically, the process will involve 2 to 6 hours of taped interview time. After each of the tapes has been transcribed, you will be asked to read the written draft. You can then delete or add information as you wish. Alternatively, you may prefer to write your story yourself and get Ann to do the typesetting. Once the taping/typesetting is completed, the editing process begins. The combined transcriptions are put into order. Photos/cuttings/documents can be inserted at this time. You will then have a last chance to change or add anything else to your story before printing occurs.

How much is a record of your life worth?

The value to your descendants is incalculable. The final monetary price depends on the complexity and quantity of material (e.g. photos, documents, etc) to be included. For each hour of recording, four to five hours will be needed for transcription and editing. Printing and binding costs are also variable depending on the style chosen.

This is Your Life Gift

For a significant birthday, anniversary or Christmas. An extraordinary gift for a significant person in your life!