About CreateBooks

CreateBooks is a boutique publishing company specialising in award-winning books for children, young adults and education purposes. All books published by Create Books emphasise its philosophy of respect for self, others, property and the environment.
CreateBooks is committed to publishing high quality books in both content and presentation.
CreateBooks offers a variety of services including:

  • Manuscript Assessment
  • Editing
  • Biographies
  • Autobiographies
  • Writing Workshops for Adults
  • Workshops for children on writing and illustrating a book
  • Self-Publishing¬†

About the Director of CreateBooks, Ann Neville

Ann Neville, director of CreateBooks, has a Masters in Education, Dip in Ed Management, Dip in Ed Leadership, Grad Dip in Creative Writing, Grad Dip in Publishing and Master of Creative Fiction. She is an accomplished facilitator and research writer in the education field and has a special interest in strategies that mitigate against all forms of violence including physical, verbal, exclusion, sexual harassment, racial abuse, deprivation of human rights and cyber bullying.