About Us

About Create Books

CreateBooks is a boutique publishing company specialising in award-winning books for both children and education purposes. All books published by Create Books emphasise its philosophy of respect for self, others, property and the environment.

Ann Neville, director of CreateBooks, has a Masters in Education, Dip in Ed Management, Dip in Ed Leadership, Grad Dip in Creatve Writing, Grad Dip in Publishing and Masters in Creative Writing. She is an accomplished facilitator and research writer in the education field and has a special interest in strategies that mitigate against all forms of violence including physical, verbal, exclusion, sexual harassment, racial abuse, deprivation of human rights and cyber bullying.

About the Author

In a previous life, Ann has been a nurse and teacher in various cities in New Zealand and the UK. She has written Bullying Guides for parents and children, as well as other educational resources.

Ann has a Masters in Education, Diploma in Educational Management, Diploma in Educational Leadership, Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing, Graduate Diploma in Publishing, and a Masters in Creative Writing. Her short film ‘Rejuvenation’ was released in 2016.

Her research has looked at all forms of violence including physical, verbal, isolation, sexism, ageism and cyber bul- lying. This lead Ann to write the book ‘Violence…not in our school’, which was made possible through a Graduate Study Award from the University of Waikato. A Winston Churchill Fellowship enabled Ann to travel to USA to study their strategies for dealing with violence in American schools.

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About the Illustrator

Scott Pearson was born in England and moved to New Zealand at the age of seven. From an early age, Scott showed an interest in art, drawing doodles and comic art. After school, Scott completed a Bachelor of Media Arts in illustration and computer based graphic design.

Scott’s style is very adaptable, as he experiments with a lot of new styles, techniques and does a lot of research to keep up to date with the latest trends. Most of Scott’s work is done on his computer now. He uses paper and pencil to refine ideas and then scans them into the computer to render and finish the work. He also uses a Wacom drawing tablet and Cintiq, and uses the programs Photoshop, Painter, and Illustrator to bring it all together.