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The Chestnut Mare


Amy loves to stay on Barnabus Johansson’s farm in her school holidays to get away from city life. It’s her safe haven, with animals like Tripod the three-legged dog, Molly the goat, and Gutsache the cat. It’s where she rides her beloved Chestnut Mare. When tragedy strikes, Amy learns some of the harsh realities of country life but bravely steps in to protect a frail new-born foal that will carry a legacy of love.

Review: Marion Day’s preteen novella, The Chestnut Mare, is a marvellous coming of age story set in remote bush. I loved Day’s descriptions of the environment and the birds and creatures Amy sees during her visit. And, like Amy, I really didn’t want to leave the farm when her holidays drew to a close. While The Chestnut Mare was written for a preteen audience, I found it very moving and enjoyable. Day describes a world that’s quite different than the modern one Amy knows from school and home – one that Amy plans to stay in once she’s finished with school. The Chestnut Mare is most highly recommended. Jack Magnus (Readers’ Favorite Reviewer)


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