Adolescent Volcanoes


Adolescent Volcanoes is a book suitable for parents of children aged 12-18. Divided into two sections, one each for adults and adolescents, this book helps identify and deal with anger and abusive behaviour. It teaches skills such as how to develop better communication links and the setting of boundaries and guidelines.



Adolescent Volcanoes

Some adolescents seem to act as if they have a volcano inside — always on the verge of erupting into anger. They often generate discord and have combative relationships with parents, care givers and other adults who work with them. Adolescent Volcanoes is a practical resource for adults working with adolescents and their parents to help them understand, express and manage their anger. Featuring interactive worksheets and handouts throughout, it explores the causes of anger, focusing not only on the adolescent, but also on styles of parenting and situations at home that can exacerbate these feelings, and suggests ways to tone down confrontations and improve relationships. It describes models that explain the dynamics of arguments, such as ‘power analysis’ and ‘positive intentions’. It also explains anger management tools such as ‘escalators’, ‘time out’, ’emotional awareness’, ‘triggers’ and the ‘four-part phrase’. By improving emotional management and communication, this resource will help adolescents to understand how to reduce attacking behaviour and turn their anger into something positive. Adolescent Volcanoes can be used as the basis of counselling sessions and incident management. It will be invaluable for counsellors, teachers, youth workers and social workers who work with adolescents.

From the authors of “A Volcano in my Tummy” comes an innovative book for adolescents and the parents of adolescents. Adolescent Volcanoes addresses: Anger management Assists adults and adolescents in understanding difficulties Adolescents and their anger How to identify and deal with hurt, loss and depression Positive and negative aspects of power The empowerment of both adolescents and adults The setting of boundaries and guidelines Skills to develop better communication links It includes activities and thought-provoking exercises and guidelines for using the book, for both individuals and groups. This book has been designed to be used by teachers, school counsellors and youth workers, but is primarily for parents and adolescents themselves. 12 years-adult.