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  • No Way Back Front cover

    No Way Back When 12 year old Noah follows his brother Jake into an apparently ordinary cave, they exit into a parallel world , different in every way to their own. They meet six other children who have had a similar entry into this foreign world. Their efforts to return home challenge the children and success is by no means guaranteed. A book that will have you on the edge of your seat in suspense, and astonish you with the ingenuity of kids in perilous situations.

  • 978-0-9951062-7-7

    When Angie Danwoolly hears that her loving but strange family intend to sell 115 year old Danwoolly House, she is devastated. For Hildred Danwoolly, the 12 year old ghost who has haunted the shadowed passageways for 103 years, it is a catastrophe. Can they join forces and save their home? A mysterious stranger turns up claiming to be a Danwoolly descendant. Is he genuine or a dangerous liar? He seems to be searching for something. Is it something that could save Danwoolly House? Angie must dig deep for courage in her search for the truth. A Catastrophe of Gigantic Proportions A book to make you laugh out loud, and make your toes curl under in fright.

  • 9780995106284

    Meg the dog is smart.

    She even helps children learn to read.

    Sam is grateful to Meg for helping him with his with reading.

    Is there something Sam can do in return?


    And it is something that could save Meg’s life!

    A Picture Book for 3-7 year old children

  • Remember the Brave Front

    It is 1917, New Zealand, and a young man signs up for adventure  - and a war in France. As he experiences the horrors of battle he begins to wonder who ‘the brave ones’ really are. Remember the Brave is a different kind of WWI commemoration: remembering those who were brave enough to stand up for their convictions and refuse to kill. For children 9-13. Teacher/parent guide included.

  • 9780995106253

    BLUE CLOUD - A book for 9-14 year olds to make you laugh, cry and challenge your perceptions of both humans and animals.

    Blue Cloud, a Kaimanawa horse, belongs to the wind and rain and to the earth and sky. She tells her own poignant life story in chapters cleverly interlaced with those of Grace, a girl who hopes Hinehopu’s wishing tree will grant her wish of owning a horse.

    Will The Fruitcake, a woman townsfolk say is bonkers, be able to complete the triangle and bring them all together?

  • 978-0-9951062-0-8

    Little Dragon sees his Daddy Dragon blow a huge fire. Amazed, he wants to learn how to breathe fire too. But it’s more difficult than he thought! Will Little Dragon listen to Daddy Dragon’s advice and keep trying until he is successful? Or will he give up because it is such hard work? A children's picture book about resilience and perseverance.

  • Fire Front Cover

    Flip has THREE major problems: ONE - Jackson, a know-it-all who looks and dresses like a film star and bullies Flip TWO - You wouldn’t believe it but Flip’s mother invites Jackson to stay for the whole holidays THREE - Soon after Jackson moves in, a dangerous arsonist attacks a shop and homes in their street. Can Flip and Jackson reach a compromise and work together to catch the culprit before someone is seriously hurt? For 8-13 year old children

  • Wormie Cover Front

    Sunny Stream was once a beautiful, crystal clear stream that ran through the heart of Bugworld. But now it's a murky, smelly place and the creatures that live near it are becoming very sick. Who is responsible for this foul dilemma? Join Wormie Wormald, the smartest worm in Bugworld, and his two best friends, Lily Ladybug and Bertie Beetle, as they hatch a plan and set off on a fantastic adventure to save their beloved stream.

  • HoneyHubFrontCover30

    The Honey Hub "There once was a boy who loved  honey."  What do bees need to stay alive?  What actions can we all take to help?  Find out how we can all work together to save our honeybees. Everybody loves honey but our honeybees are dying out and they need some simple things to survive.  This is a story about how one boy's love for honey led him to improve the environment for everyone.  The simple text and gentle illustrations will have any child asking what they can do to help our honeybees.

  • Sunflower Front Cover

    The Neverending Sunflower       The Neverending Sunflower "One day a boy planted a sunflower in his garden.  The little plant grew and the boy was very happy." What happens to the sunflower when the boy forgets to look after it?  What does he learn?  Find out in this gentle story about growing. This delightful tale follows a boy's journey as he discovers what it takes to grow sunflowers.  This is a must have for any parent wanting to teach their child about growing.  The simple text and delightful illustrations are easily read over and over again.

  • Cool Pool Cover

    THE COOL POOL "One day a boy went fishing in a pool in a river.   He fished and fished all day until all the fish were gone."    A simple story about river restoration for 4-8 year olds. What happens when the boy keeps fishing until all the fish are gone?  How does he fix the problem?  Follow the boys journey as he learns what is needed to help keep the river he loves healthy.  This simple and delightfully illustrated story will charm both children and adults alike.  

  • PayBackFrontCover

    PAY BACK - a novel for 8-12 year olds A book to make you laugh till you cry, scare you under the bed, and, in the end, make you question what it is we ever know about another person.

  • Cover Front

    Trust an adult novel to make you laugh, cry, and examine your own capacity to care. Sometimes, there’s a high price to pay for doing the right thing and sometimes that price is more than you could ever imagine.

  • Ch Mare Front600

    Amy loves to stay on Barnabus Johansson’s farm in her school holidays to get away from city life. It’s her safe haven, with animals like Tripod the three-legged dog, Molly the goat, and Gutsache the cat. It’s where she rides her beloved Chestnut Mare. When tragedy strikes, Amy learns some of the harsh realities of country life but bravely steps in to protect a frail new-born foal that will carry a legacy of love. Review: Marion Day’s preteen novella, The Chestnut Mare, is a marvellous coming of age story set in remote bush. I loved Day’s descriptions of the environment and the birds and creatures Amy sees during her visit. And, like Amy, I really didn’t want to leave the farm when her holidays drew to a close. While The Chestnut Mare was written for a preteen audience, I found it very moving and enjoyable. Day describes a world that’s quite different than the modern one Amy knows from school and home - one that Amy plans to stay in once she’s finished with school. The Chestnut Mare is most highly recommended. Jack Magnus (Readers’ Favorite Reviewer)

  • Tappit Front Cover 600

    Hannah calls her tablet search engine Uncle Tappit. She loves him because he opens the world to her. But her mother is not always happy. She would like Hannah to not spend so much time on her tablet. Find out what happens when her real uncle arrives. A book for children who love their tablet and for parents who wish their children weren't always wanting to be on their tablet!

  • Suspicion coverBB

    When Mr Bennett, Head Teacher of Trenwith High School, dies in mysterious circumstances, suspicion falls on 18 year old JOE MERCER, the epitome of a young hooligan—permanently excluded from school, always hiding behind his hoodie, except for when he’s hooning around on his motor bike. But did he really do it? His best friends, SEB HOWELL, whose smile can make girls lose their balance, and Seb’s girlfriend EMILY BENNETT think not and set out to prove him innocent. It's not until the final harrowing court scene that the real murderer’s identity revealed.

  • front-cover-cabbage

    Annabella has just turned four. This book is sure to have both children and adults laughing as they read about her antics, both at home and at preschool. Jared's colourful illustrations complement the humour in Jonathon's writing. Suggested age 2 - 5.

  • lola-night-front

    Imagine your whole world is turned upside down. Your grandma is a murderer and your mum has turned into a nut case. You're thrown into living with another family that isn't yours. Lola Night is a fourteen-year-old girl and she's not ordinary - even though she'd prefer to be.

  • Happier Parenting FrontHappier Parenting back

    Why do we parent the way we do? What influences from our earlier lives do we bring to bear in this all-important job? Based on countless parenting courses run by the author, this book is full of practical, easily understood suggestions, exercises and approaches for parents to enable them to: better understand their parenting style and what factors influence it; get clearer insights into the needs of their children at various stages; learn to “re-parent” themselves whilst still parenting their children; be positive, effective and happier in this all-important role; and raise happier children!

  • Little Volcanoes front web

    Little Volcanoes is a practical book that helps teach children to handle their anger in a constructive way. It does this by looking at the causes of anger such as hurt, loss and fear. It helps parents and other caregivers to help children under 5 to deal more positively with their angry thoughts and feelings. Little Volcano features colourful stories to illustrate anger management skills in an engaging way. It is a “must have” for all parents, caregivers, teachers, and counsellors of children aged 0-5 years.  

  • Adolescent Volcanoes for Adolescents 001

    Adolescent Volcanoes is a book suitable for parents of children aged 12-18. Divided into two sections, one each for adults and adolescents, this book helps identify and deal with anger and abusive behaviour. It teaches skills such as how to develop better communication links and the setting of boundaries and guidelines.

  • Lemons front cover

    It’s hard growing up. It’s even harder if you’re dealing with a mental illness. This book provides an understanding of what you’re going through and helps make sense of it all. Written by young people who have been there.

  • Bugs Front cover13092015

    Bugs are Nature's recyclers. They also pollinate our plants, provide food for animals (and some people) and make products like honey and silk. They keep the Earth working!

  • Cover UNEXPECTED HERO front

    What could be worse, Matt Turner wonders,  than having to leave your parents, friends and the buzz

  • Kids'cover.jpeg (1)

    The non-fiction booklet gives children concrete strategies to use to prevent being bullied.

  • Sea And Me Cover

    The Sea and Me is an illustrated children’s storybook which explores the effects of our actions on the ocean and sea life. ‘The Sea and Me’ is aimed at engaging and empowering 5-7 year olds to take small actions to protect the environment

  • parents guide cover_Page_1.jpeg

    The booklet gives ideas for parents/caregivers to use to help their child become confident, assertive and comfortable

  • Ivan Cover FLAT

    Ivan I. Dear is no ordinary boy. He is an inventor, solving problems with his Number 8 wire, His long nose pliers and his cutting pliers.

  • download (25)

    Izzie's Surprise is a picture book written by Ann Neville and illustrated by Catherine Houston

  • RIPCyberbullying

    Cyberbullying is one of the major issues facing children, parents and educators today.

  • Batjack cover.jpeg

    Written for 9-13 year olds, follows a group of kids who come up with quirky and funny ways to deal with a

  • CCI13112014Front

    Like the Sea and Me, The Trees and Me also engages and empowers 5-7 year olds to take small actions to protect the environment


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