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by A L Neville

4.50 out of 5
(2 customer reviews)

When Mr Bennett, Head Teacher of Trenwith High School, dies in mysterious circumstances, suspicion falls on 18 year old JOE MERCER, the epitome of a young hooligan—permanently excluded from school, always hiding behind his hoodie, except for when he’s hooning around on his motor bike. But did he really do it? His best friends, SEB HOWELL, whose smile can make girls lose their balance, and Seb’s girlfriend EMILY BENNETT think not and set out to prove him innocent. It’s not until the final harrowing court scene that the real murderer’s identity revealed.

Reviews for Suspicion

  1. Ann Neville
    5 out of 5


    Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite
    Suspicion is a young adult coming-of-age mystery novel written by
    A. Neville. Joe was feeling lost and alienated as he watched his best
    friend, Seb, playing for Trenwith High in the Secondary Schools’
    Football Cup quarter-final. It was important to Seb; his future as a
    professional football player rode on his performance being seen by
    the scouts. Joe hated football, and, since he had been expelled by
    the principal, he wasn’t even supposed to be on the school grounds.
    Principal Harry Bennett actually cared about him; Joe knew that, but
    he still felt unjustly treated for what seemed like relatively minor
    offenses. To make things even more awkward, Joe’s other best
    friend, Emily, was Bennett’s daughter. They had grown up together;
    she was like a sister even if his own disorderly household was in a
    totally different class than her own. Joe knew his future depended
    upon getting an education, but his parents weren’t all that
    concerned and even Principal Bennett’s efforts to get him
    reinstalled had failed. Watching as the other students got ready for
    the prom was particularly hard; he was now officially an outsider.
    A. Neville’s young adult coming of age mystery novel, Suspicion,
    blends a compelling story about teenage alienation with a first-rate
    police procedural mystery as the police investigate the murder of a
    high school principal. I was enthralled by this book. Joe’s story is
    unique and unforgettable. His disadvantaged background and
    expulsion for smoking pot and other minor infractions, which
    seemed arbitrary and ultimately at cross-purposes with his future
    well-being, contrast with the person the reader gets to know
    through his story. A person who sees Emily as an unattainable goal,
    someone who would never stoop to be more than a friend. “He
    really liked her, not in a ‘Wow, she’s hot’ way, but somewhere in his
    bones, somewhere he couldn’t see but could feel that made him
    stronger, better, braver.” As I read that description, whole worlds of
    insights opened up for me into this boy who was turning into a man
    under harsh conditions, and his passage is made even more
    perilous when he’s accused of murdering Emily’s father. The police
    procedural aspects of this story are first-rate. You can feel the
    despair and fear Joe feels as he spends that first night in prison and
    fights both his fears and the officers’ persuasive techniques while
    asserting his right to counsel. Suspicion is a powerful and moving
    novel, and it’s most highly recommended.

  2. Ann Neville
    4 out of 5


    Suspicion by A. Neville is a thrilling young adult murder mystery involving students, parents, and teachers. The three main characters, Seb, Emily, and Joe, represent three different types of home lives, and their portrayal adds a more intricate aspect to the plot. Deception, disloyalty, and secrets are the backbone of this compelling novel and will keep the reader guessing. The storyline has intriguing twists and turns that keep the reader fascinated until the conclusion of the story. I enjoyed reading this, and I believe that it is an outstanding murder mystery that will captivate and thrill young adult readers.
    Review by Susan Sewell

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