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R.I.P Cyberbulling – A Guide For Parents

by Ann Neville

5.00 out of 5
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Cyberbullying is one of the major issues facing children, parents and educators today. However, there are many children who are NOT bullied, by cyber means or otherwise, despite appearing to be exactly the same type of child as those who are.

What makes the difference?

This is where parents/caregivers can play a significant role.

This guide addresses the following questions:

What is cyberbullying?

Types of cyberbullying

Why do some people cyberbully?

How does cyberbullying affect children?

What can parents do to PREVENT cyberbullying?

What can parents do if the child is already being cyberbullied?

What if it’s your child who is the cyberbully?

What role do bystanders/witnesses play?

When should education about cyberbullying begin?

Reviews for R.I.P Cyberbulling – A Guide For Parents

  1. Belinda Mellor
    5 out of 5


    Look at what bullying is, how and why it happens, what victims can do to help themselves and what others can do, also how to help the bullies. There is a lot of common sense and good advice, some of which is from young people so should speak directly to victims and potential victims. Like the novel, Batjack, these books are straightforward, easy to use and understand, and very readable. Each book is useful alone. Together they form an excellent resource – a highly recommended addition to both home and institution libraries.

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