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Little Volcanoes – Young Children’s Anger and Happiness

by Elaine Whitehouse and Warwick Pudney


Little Volcanoes

Young children can erupt like little volcanoes when they are feeling angry. It can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with, and can produce angry feelings in the parent or caregiver too. This book is packed with advice and strategies for those working with children under five on how to understand and manage anger in children, and also how to help their parents or caregivers to deal with anger. The authors outline the different reasons children may feel angry so that their emotions can be fully understood, and offer strategies to combat negative feelings and minimize outbursts. These include putting in place behavioural boundaries and helping a child to feel secure. Simple activities and exercises are also given to help children and adults to express their anger positively. In addition, a selection of poems and stories will help adults to pass on the lessons of the book to children. This practical and accessible book will be of essential use to any professional helper of parents and young children such as early childhood educators, caregivers and social workers, as well as to parents themselves.

Little Volcanoes is a practical book that helps teach children to handle their anger in a constructive way. It does this by looking at the causes of anger such as hurt, loss and fear. It helps parents and other caregivers to help children under 5 to deal more positively with their angry thoughts and feelings. Little Volcano features colourful stories to illustrate anger management skills in an engaging way. It is a “must have” for all parents, caregivers, teachers, and counsellors of children aged 0-5 years.

Table of Contents

Foreword. Preface. 1. Beginning at the Beginning: Understanding Child Development and the Needs of Babies and Small Children. 2. The Lives of Children: How They Experience the World and How It Impacts on Them. 3. Skills for Caring for the Angry Child. 4. Identifying and Understanding Angry Behaviour. 5. Calming Angry Children: Ideas for Safe Anger Expression. 6. Responding Well to Expressed Anger. 7. Special Situations which Provoke Anger. 8. Responding to Anger in Early Childhood Education and Childcare Settings. 9. Understanding the Influence of Parents and Parenting. 10. Engaging with Fathers. 11. Stories and Poems about Anger. Key Concepts. Some Questions You Might Ask. About the Authors. References. Further Reading. Index.


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