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The Writer’s Journey – Want to be a Master Writer?

  The Writers’ Journey: Want to be a Master Writer? Excerpt from Kristen Lamb Mastery, to the casual observer, appears seamless and effortless… BUT… Everyone Begins Somewhere Many of us decided to become writers because we grew up loving books. Because good storytellers are masters of what they do, it’s easy to fall into the misguided notion that ‘writing is easy,’ which explains the mountains of crappy ‘published novels’. It also explains why non-writers can so easily dismiss what we do.  As if the only thing keeping them from turning out the next Game of Thrones is ‘finding the time’ and not a matter of a crap tonne of training and work. Act One—The Newbie  This is when we are brand new. We’ve never read a craft book and the words flow. We never run out of words to put on a page because we are like a kid banging away on a […]